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U.S. Masters is the only game of four big events that hasn’t changed the address of tough fight. Augusta is the birthplace and a permanent home of it. The in final summary is Augusta, U.S. Masters also sends out a noble accent. Different from other business events, this game is a competition funded and organized by the club members themselves. Except for Masters and Augusta signs on the court, it is sometimes complicated for you to find other trademarks. However, it does not affect the bonus in this particular happy wheels game.

Although few fans could come to visit Augusta, but as long as watching this game on television, you will not miss Azaleas, Magnolia, Forsythia and so on..
In the original Augusta stadium, there are many trees and bushes, the basic design concept of Jones is making full use of the natural conditions here, instead of artificial design to be able to interesting. As many as 350 plant species, Augusta has become the most emotional appeal and the most colorful stadium. Everything hole here known as after the trees, flowers and shrubbery. The beauty of the flowering trees and bushes are integrated with the trim fairway and broad putting green, but the bunkers are just sporadic visible.

Augusta stadium gets a standard site with 18 holes and 9 holes, all are named after flower. The standard of 11, 12 (Forsythia), along with the 13th hole (Azaleas) are considered to be the most difficult holes in this court. An United states golf writer, Hebo Valencia Bonaventure, called it “Amen Corner”, because in his eyes, it is only praying the God that someone can hit the ball peace. Indeed, it is a ruler of Augusta that tests the amount of the golf players, here hitting the ball is difficult and the ball rolling is rapid.
The 11th hole is a 4-stem-hole with 455 yards long, in front of the putting green and the left surrounded by water, and it is the termination place of Play donkeykong game. The favourite match occurred in 1987, Larry Mizner hit the ball straight into the outlet beyond 140 yards, it is a legend.
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